Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lets Talk Relationships: Communication In Relationships.

I would like to believe that communication is the bedrock of every relationship. Even when there’s the absence of love or sex, communication and friendship between both parties would make the union,dalliance,easier to manage, whatever the case may be.
With communication, you are able to decipher your partner’s deepest feelings and desires as is yours if you both really open up to each other.
When there is that ease in communicating,it is difficult for there to be breakups, separation or divorce. Couples,partners,spouses and the likes should hold communication as the most important weapon and wield it ceaselessly. It even prevents cheating.There is also the absence of deep rooted malice.
What’s more? Talking makes whatever pain or hurt go away faster than bottling it all up.Silence would eat up your core and damage your essence when communicating your issues would save your relationship as it were.
So,this is hoping we’ve learnt something here today? just keep trying to communicate,not nag and even if your partner isn’t the talking type, he/she would learn from you eventually.
making sure we are comfortable with our hearts,body and soul is perhaps man's ultimate goal and that is what my aim is. Follow me on this journey in my corner, and you would not regret it.

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