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osaretin isibor
 cool stuff here by DEEP END ENTERTAINMENT dnt think we've had a major label from that part of the counrty.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if we say DEEP END ENTERTIANMENT is by far the biggest and most successful record label in the South-South geographical zone of the country. This Benin City, Edo based record label has in the past few months or thereabout the management has been busy putting a lot in place. 
The entertainment company which has OSARETIN ISIBOR as its Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O), was conceptionalized and established about few years ago,

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 the vision of starting a world class was a dream of Osaretin Isibor, during his sojourn in America where he closely followed and monitored how show business is run. Isibor believes that with proper planning and management a thriving and successful entertainment company can be set up in Nigeria just like the way the Americans run their entertainment company.

Although before establish Deep End Entertainmenthe took into cognizance the fact that the American entertainment industry is quite different from what is obtainable here in Nigeria. Deep End Entertainmenthas under its stable the talent vocal/lyrist simply rich, and seven other talented artists. The company boast of a well equipped state of the art ultra modern recording studios, high definition cameras like RED, P2, SONY, CANON 7D, 5D and a whole lot of cameras. 
The company has all the major lights, visual studios, editing suites, and all range of equipment, and a first of its kind in the south south region of Nigeria. Presently the entertainment company crew is presently in various locations in benin to shoot a movie titled OLUKU JUNCTION, Deep End Entertainment also owns popular online site fansite tv.

According to Mr. Isibor the label was established primarily to show Nigerians and the rest of the world how a record label should be managed and achieve success in the face of unfavorable conditions and competition.
With the type of team the company is putting together, the company is poised to break into the Lagos entertainment market, as it is the Mecca of entertainment not just only in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa.

simply rich

Deep End Entertainment sees it’s self as the model record label, an epitome of how a record label should function. The label has plans not only to unleash the vocal prowess of acts like Simply Rich, Maureen, Dr. P, Benosy on the consciousness of the ever critical Lagos audience but also other artists, whom he wouldn’t want to name just yet. Music critics see Deep end entertainmenttransforming into a top label to reckon with in Nigeria and Africa in the not too distant future.


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