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A former Nigeria defender Taribo West has been accused of serious age fraud by some of the clubs he played for during his professional career in Europe. A Daily Mail (Mail Online) of England publication on Wednesday attributed the statement to ex-president of Partizan Belgrade, Zarko Zecevic.

The former Nigeria centre half, now retired, joined Serbian team Partizan Belgrade in 2002 after leaving Derby County and told club bosses he was 28 when he was actually 40, the paper reported.

Zecevic, has accused him of lying, saying the former defender with Derby County, Plymouth and Inter Milan was lying about his age while insisting that Taribo was actually 40.
Zecevic said, “He joined us saying he was 28. We only later found out he was 40, but he was still playing well so I don’t regret having him on the team.”

But according to the Croatian media, the former defender known for his colourful hairstyles also lied when trying to join Croatia’s Rijeka club. At the age of 44, they said Taribo told club doctors he was only 32. It was only after an examination that the doctors raised suspicions with the club because Taribo’s knees suggested he was older.
He wasn’t signed to the team but later joined Plymouth and then Iranian side Paykan FC, where he ended his career at the age of 46 in 2008.
The retired player, who now works as a pastor in the ministry he started as a player, told The PUNCH on the telephone on Wednesday that it is very suggestive that such matter would be coming up about 10 years after he left that team.

“I don’t really know what they are talking about and that’s why I don’t really have anything much to say. But it is curious that they are raising such matter about 10 years after I left the place. Why was the matter not raised while I was there? Why talk about it long after I retired from the game,” Taribo said.
Age-cheating has been a serious issue in Nigerian football especially since the world football governing body FIFA introduced age-grade competitions. Even though some of the foreign clubs have treated some of the country’s players with suspicions, this is the first bold and direct accusation made against a Nigerian player.
It was not immediately clear under what circumstance or forum that Mr. Zecevic raised the matter.


For real this must be some kind of joke of something. who relates movies with rreal life but Mama G is so damn good at interpreting her roles that most times you tend to think that its really her true self...

Maybe thats why The Senior Pastor of Dominion City and founder of the New Covenant Family Ministry, David Ogbueli, got confused and had to warn  Nigerian actress, Patience Ozokwo, famously known as Mama G, to stop behaving like a Jezebel.
Pastor Ogbueli gave the stern warning to Mama G during the church’s camp meeting held o
ver the weekend at the Redemption Camp of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Ogun State.
During one of his teachings on Saturday, March 30, 2013, at the camp meeting attended by one of Aproko247′s correspondents, Pastor Ogbueli lamented that Mama G is being tagged ‘a bad woman’ by many people due to the roles she plays in most of her movies which depicts her as that.
He further warned the actress to work towards changing the bad notion people have about her to a good one.
“Stop behaving like a Jezebel as you act in movies,” Pastor Ogbueli charged Mama G.
The widow and grandmother actress attends Dominion City alongside J-Martins, who plays the keyboard for the church.


You cannot even guess what’s more expensive than a car.  Don’t think it’s a house, it’s a T-shirt, you heard right.
The most expensive T-shirt in New York City in the world—is apparently the one selling for $91,500 at Hermes.
The black crew-neck men’s T-shirt, made of crocodile skin, was designed by luxury fashion house Hermès.


 health tips

 Natural foods that lower Blood Pressure Effectively

 got this list of natural plants that lower blood pressure  effectively if taken in quantity find the list below:

  1. Garlic
  2. Onions
  3. Carrot
  4. Fish oil
  5. Ginger
  6. Tomato
  7. Zobo
  8. Scent leave.

beaty tips

The temperature is going too high; the sun is burning down on us, unforgivably so. As the weather heats on, you should take skin care therapies. During the hot weather, the need of your tone differs when it is cold. In hot weather, you skin fights with heat, humidity & damaging ultra violet rays. And, even if you want to take cold dips in the swimming pool, you need to protect your body skin from water chlorine.
Jennifer Iwuanyanwu of Face-Craft skin beauty shares some handy tips on how to achieve a glowing skin this hot weather: • Change your sunscreen lotion. You need a heavy SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen lotion in hot weather. Pick one that is soft and oil-free. It should be applied generously after the usual morning cream as it serves as a shield from the sun. • Use exfoliates thrice a week. It will help to removing your skin’s external layer of dead skin will help refresh dull and dry skin.



Popular TV personality Andre Blaze Henshaw and his long-time girlfriend welcomed their twin girls just this Saturday, March 30.
Congratulations to them!

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I personally don't t see anything wrong its just a dance but the Ghanian folks are not taking it lightly at all

While granting an interview yesterday, Chris Brown revealed he had infused the Ghanaian dance move into his latest video and attributed its origination to Nigeria. He also recalled meeting Nigerian pop singer Wizkid who taught him the dance move.

Understandably, Ghanians are unhappy about CB’s wrong assumption on the origin of Azonto, with one blog ‘Ghana Celebrities’ posting in an article ‘WTF: Chris Brown Talks About AZONTO On BET, But He Says The Dance Is A Nigerian Thing…‘.

See how the site reported it “It seems Chris Brown coming to Ghana and introducing Nigerian artiste-Wizkid on stage to do Azonto was not a mere mistake. In fact, Chris Brown thinks Azonto is a Nigerian thing…
Probably he is taking the piss out of Ghanaians by failing to credit Ghana with the dance which has gained international recognition…

Talking about his new album ‘X’ and music video ‘Fine China’ on BET 106 & Park yesterday, Chris Brown mentioned that he has incorporated a dance from Africa called Azonto into his dance moves in the video. He even went ahead to request for a tune to be played, so he can demonstrateAzonto to the millions of viewers.

Unfortunately, he linked Nigerians Wizkid to the dance, saying he learnt it from him-that is not so bad. But he categorically added that, Azonto is a Nigerian thing…REALLY?

nyway i dnon't blame him Nigerians made it popular so?


judging from the growing number of views it has gotten on Youtube. Views have reached 7million and counting  ITS VERY OBVIOUS he is well loved and there’s no stopping how far it can go. 


The 24 foreign airlines flying into Nigeria are in dilemma on whether to stop or continue flights into the country as the Federal Government has yet to approve their summer schedule, five days after the commencement of the summer season on March 28, 2013.
It is illegal for any airline to fly into another country without getting approval for its winter and summer seasonal schedules from the host countries, aviation experts familiar with the situation have said.
The approval is usually given days ahead of the expiration of the current season’s schedule in order to avoid a situation where an airline has to ground its flight operations while waiting for approval.

Although most of the foreign airlines have begun implementing their winter schedule, which has yet to be approved by the Ministry of Aviation, a number of them are, however, worried that the delay in the approval process may put them in an unpleasant situation.
A country manager of one of the foreign airlines, who spoke to our correspondent in confidence because of the sensitive nature of the subject said, “We are in dilemma whether to stop our flights to Nigeria or not because we don’t know why the summer schedule has been delayed up till now. We started implementing our summer schedule since March 31, but we are very worried.
“This has not happened in a very long time. So, that is why we are worried. The approval comes usually days ahead of the commencement of the new season’s schedule.”
It was gathered that one of the numerous implications of not getting approval for the schedule before flying was that in the event of a crash or major accident, insurance companies might refuse to pay compensation to the affected airline and its passengers because such would be regarded as an illegal flight.
The development has generated concerns among the foreign airlines’ executives and top officials of the Ministry of Aviation, who felt that any further delay might force some of the carriers to consider halting their flight operations into the country so as not to find themselves in an unpleasant situation.
Findings revealed that the airlines’ winter schedules expired between March 28 and 31, depending on each carrier’s schedule.
It was further gathered that the proposed summer schedules of all the 24 airlines were currently at the ministry awaiting the approval of the Minister of Aviation, Ms. Stella Oduah.
Sources at the ministry, however, could not give reasons for the delay, saying the minister had the final approval.


Chrianna fans are in for a shock as the pop star has once again severed the relationship with Chris Brown and now dating star rapper, A$AP ROCKY.
According to reports by MediaTakeOut:
Her new boyfriend is . . .A$AP ROCKY!!! According to a ROCK SOLID MTO INSIDER, A$AP and Rihanna have been on tour together now for about a month - and they've FALLEN IN LOVE!!!
The insider told, "This isn't some fling, they're in love . . . cuddling, hanging out, everything." The insider continued, "I've never seen Rihanna so happy - even happier than when she was with Chris."

Hopefully, A$AP ROCKY knows how to defend himself or, even better, has a bunch of hired goons--er--competent security team similar to CB's to watch his back in the event of violence.
And that violence may occur soon, because, according to MTO's talkative source, Mr. Breezy knows what's happening, and he's not amused

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Oops! guess Alex must have been really

but some people are just funny you don't ask every kinda question even though you know its true

see how he replied a fan who asked if he was Uti's  gay partner...


The once-upon-a-time relationship between the two giant entertainers, D’banj and Don Jazzy has just been renewed as they both settled their long time rift today.

 Info indicates that the Oba Of Lagos, HRH Rilwan Akiolu, was so concerned about the business relationship between the two, called them up to his palace and settled their differences.
Don Jazzy in his word told the king that D’banj started it all but the Oba who said he wasn’t going to apportion any blame to any of them, asked the two to touch the royal staff and promised to be friends again.
As you are reading this, the two are already together again working on how to revive their Mo’hits entertainment outfit.
Remember, theIr age-long rift was finally settled yesterday, April 1st 2013 at the Oba Palace in Lagos.

pray its really over for good can't wait to see the two back together again and do some great stuff, nice combo


Kevin broke his leg in two places...see the bone sticking out! He has since had surgery...

See the video after the cut.

MR OBAFAIYE SHEM--- 'my oga at the top" REPLACED

Mr. Obafaiye Shem has been removed from his office as the commandant of the Lagos state branch of the Nigerian Security & Civil Defense Corps. He was replaced by Mr. Adesuyi Clement from Oyo State Command.The Commandant General of NSCDC, Dr. Olu Abolurin, who was in Lagos weekend over the alleged killing of two of his officers by some policemen, introduced the new Commandant to journalists.
However, he did not give reasons for Obafaye’s removal but sources hinted that Adesuyi took over from the former Commandant Obafaye on Tuesday March 29. The source believed that it may not be unconnected with his recent interview on Channels Television live programme.
Before now, authorities of NSCDC has denied taken any disciplinary action against Mr. Shem over the said interview.


Nigerian actress Stepnora Okere dated for a while many years back
this is what she had to say in an interview she granted Stella Dimoko Korkus in this week’s Encomium magazine, she’s still in love with jim. Excerpts from the interview:

“I’ve been maintaining a low profile because of the fact that I wanted to re-arrange myself for the future having made one or two mistakes in the past.

SDK: “What mistakes are you referring to? As an actress or your personal life?”
Stephnora: “Both. First as an actress, I allowed myself to put on weight and that is not good for the kind of profession I’m in. When I gained weight, I lost a lot of offer for movie roles. My personal life mistake concerns my involvement in a marriage process that never scaled through. I got involved with someone with someone who doesn’t understand what the word love means. It took me being involved in that relationship to realise what true love really means. It made me realise that I had loved and still do love someone else.”

SDK: Who exactly are you referring to that you still love?
Stephnora: I still love Jim Iyke

SDK: Wow, that’s some revelation. I am sure even Jim Iyke will be shocked to read this. He must have impacted on you strongly.
Stephnora: Jim was and is still the best friend I’ve ever had. He was not just around, he was there as a friend, brother, lover, companion. He was always there. He understood me.

tot Jim used to beat her blue then *just thinking


The split between two former co-label owners of Mohits Records; D’Banj and Don Jazzy, will be a year old in few weeks time. Their going-apart is still one of the most talked about in the Nigerian music industry.

Almost a year after, people still talk about their split like it happened yesterday. Both parties have floated their own music labels:

 Mavin Records and DB Records; Don Jazzy and D’Banj respectively and have moved on with their lives.

At the AY Show held last night in Lagos, while answering questions on the red carpet, Don Jazzy confessed that he missed D’Banj.

The Delta State multi-award winning beats maker said, “D’Banj is doing well wherever he is. You’re putting words in my mouth; yes, but of course, I miss him.”


lol here is what gov.Fashola has to say.
The Governor of Lagos State, Mr Babatunde Fashola has urged residents in Nigeria’s economic city to be cautions of drinking freely declared alcohol at social centres by unknown persons.

The governor called for the caution while addressing security bodies, transport union and community development groups in the state on the recent growing security threats in the state.

He urged people to always ask any unknown person who declares free drinks at social centres of his/her identity and source of income before relishing the free drinks.


25 year old AYO is project fame winner 2012 & he is is out with his hot new new single titlled "AMIN" and its hot! hot!! hot!!!



WOW! A92 year old woman Huang Yijun, from southern China and she recently made news after delivering a baby known as a lithopedion, aka ‘Stone Baby’.

Huang Yijun told the press she didn’t have the money to have her foetus removed after doctors told her it had died inside her in 1948. So she simply did nothing at all about it.

Lithopedion is a very rare medical phenomenon, which occurs when a pregnancy fails and the foetus actually calcifies while still in the mother’s body.

Medically, what often happens is the implanted foetus gets to an advanced stage before it dies. Too large to be absorbed by the body, the remains of the child or its surrounding amniotic sac slowly calcify, turning to stone as a way to protect the woman’s body from infection from the decomposing tissue.

If no complications occur, believe it or not, the mother can basically just go on with her life.
According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, only 290 cases of lithopedions have ever been documented by medical literature.


The actress took these snaps in Port harcourt

Yea i said she looks covered up cos its rare to see her this way

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A North Carolina Army veteran and tattoo artist is under fire from animal cruelty groups after a photo of his tattooed pit bull made the rounds online.

Ernesto Rodriguez is facing an investigation by Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control after he tattooed his five-month-old American pit bull, Duchess, at the tattoo parlor he operates out of his basement.

Rodriguez said he inked Duchess for identification purposes, using an emblem that supposedly represents her bloodline.


The Obamas stepped out in style

simply classy...


He seems to be lost lol  (TPOAW)        btw thats Juliet Ibrahim at AY's show


linda ikeji pranked by ciana lol its really very interesting and funny too. linda cool babe#



"here's what the afro beat legend Femi Kuti told Yes! International magazine" whats your take on this

read more after the cut...

"I will never get married again. I don't think I will ever be able to trust anybody. I will never be able to give any woman that chance. First, I will never be faithful. Never ever! I will not even try to be faithful. I won't! Because first of all, I don't even believe a woman would be faithful to me. And why does she want to be faithful to me? First, I think it's very unnatural and I can not even imagine standing somewhere and one man will say 'I pronounce you man and wife. Who are you to pronounce me man and wife? Okay, I pronounce myself man and wife. There's a girl who lives with me now. She's not as jealous as most of my other girlfriends.. She knows I like women, so we understand each other. She doesn't question me, I don't question her. She takes cares of our child, no wahala. But the minute she starts being over-jealous, we are going to start to fight. She's the kind of person that I will say, that girl is fine o, and she will say, should I chase her for you? And I will say don't worry, I can do it myself. 
It's about freedom expression, freedom of the mind, freedom of being able to live and if that institution can not give me that, why should I go into an institution that is about restriction? It doesn't mean that I'm somebody that wants to sleep around, I just don't like 'don't, don't, don't! I don't need an institution to tell me that.I don't want anybody to question me. Who are you to question my life? Have you heard any of my song questioning anybody? And every time I've tried to love, they have broken my heart. From day one - either because I'm Fela's son. I hear the parents say 'oh, you want to marry Fela's son? God forbid. Even Funk that I married, when her mother found out I was Fela's son, she scream no o! God forbid. Funke had to runaway to get pregnant o! And we ran away to get married. So, by the time she and her mother made up, of course, the marriage collapsed.So you see, I try to be straight forward. Why should I lie? I'm popular and I now want to be sneaking from house to house or lie to my girlfriend? There's no way they won't catch me so it's better you're truthful. So I don't start a relationship with 'you are my one and only, bla bla bla. No! I like you very much but the possibility of liking someone else is there. I tell them. Even my wife Funke, I made this very clear to her. I don't start my relationship based on you are the only one, I want to marry you, you're the apple of my eyes. I start by being very truthful.


Sean “Diddy” Combs has gone by many names but for now he can call himself the wealthiest man in hip-hop.
The Bad Boy Records founder ranked No. 1 on the 2013 Forbes Five, the mag’s list of hip-hop’s wealthiest artists. Diddy’s net worth is estimated at $580 million.
Since his emergence on the music scene in the late 1990s, Diddy has become an industry mogul. But the majority of his wealth comes from non-musical ventures, like his Ciroc Vodka campaign.

Coming in second place is Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter, with a net worth of $475 million. The Brooklyn native is still benefiting from the 2007 sale of his Rocawear line, which netted him $204 million, as well as from a $150 million contract with Live Nation the following year.
At third on the Forbes list is Andre “Dr. Dre” Young with $350 million. Dr. Dre owes much of his wealth to his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.
The No. 4 spot goes to Bryan “Birdman” Williams, Lil Wayne’s industry mentor. Birdman is the founder of Cash Money Records, whose subsidiary label, Young Money Entertainment, was founded by Lil Wayne. Birdman owes much of his net worth to the financial success of both labels.
Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson rounds out the list at $125 million. The majority of 50 Cent’s fortune comes from his branding, which includes music, merchandise, video games and books. He also received a generous payout for the sale of his stake in Vitamin Water.
New Orleans native Lil Wayne just missed the cut, reaching an estimated net worth of $100 million for the first time this year.


O dear! things has certainly not been going 2 well for the actress lately

shes always in d news negatively and now its another error lol choi not too good at all

The star was pictured stepping out of the helicopter on the island of Florianopolis on Saturday when photographers caught the 26-year-old without a bra and a boob popping out of her low-cut dress.

pls look with caution... lol

Luckily for Linds she managed to avoid total exposure with her long hair saving her modesty. It might be time to invest in a bra though.
It’s not the only embarrassing pic to emerge from the troubled star’s time in Brazil though as earlier this week a photo of Lindsay hiding under a table in a nightclub was doing the rounds on Twitter.


Kanye West is known for making shocking and controversial headlines with the decisions he makes, but if this rumor is true and Kanye West goes through with it, this could take the cake for the most controversial thing he has done so far in his career.

According to BBC in an article about what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian might name their first born child, it was revealed that Kanye is contemplating naming his upcoming album I Am God.
Mixed emotions greet reports that Kanye West is considering calling his first child North. It’s a good joke, from a slightly unexpected source (neither the rapper nor his possibly even more famous partner, Kim Kardashian, are best known for their self-deprecating sallies, although the title Kanye is supposed to be contemplating for his new album, I Am God, is said to be “half tongue-in-cheek”).
Rumored titles for Kanye‘s upcoming album have been Black American Psycho, Rich Black American and a combination of the two–Rich Black American Psycho, but if Kanye goes through with it the project might now be titled I Am God.


This is one very controversial artistefor the past four years, it’s been difficult for Chris Brown to separate his music and celebrity from his personal life with one scandal or the other.The 23-year-old from pushing through the tabloid and blog headlines to remain R&B’s top performer, winning his first Grammy last year for his fourth studio album F.A.M.E.

What direction are you aiming to go in for this next album, X?
I just wanted to go and write personal records about what I’ve been going through, whether it’s been heartbreak, joy, sorrow or anger [laughs]. Anything. I would just rather let my people and my fans identify with who I am as a person. For this album, I really just wanted to focus on my talent and everything I have to bring. And I also wanted to go back to the essence of where my inspirations were derived from: Stevie WonderMichael Jackson, etc. And I want to build that essence within my brand and in who I am as an artist.
What were some of the things or moments in your life that inspired songs on XWell, the title track for the LP, “X,” the concept was inspired by different things. I came up with the concept because the letter stands for a kind of forbidden fruit. You see it with the skull-and-crossbones. It’s also the Roman numeral 10. I wanted to do it for my birthday. Five, Five (May 5). X is also the 24th letter in the alphabet, and I’m turning 24. Other songs like “Add Me In,” the inspiration for that was, basically, women. I’m just saying let me basically be added into to your equation.
Who did you work with for this project?
I worked with a lot of young producers. I like to give new producers a chance. I worked with Timbaland andPharrell [Williams]. But I also worked with producers like DiploPK and D. Brown. I went all around the board with this album to try and make it dynamic. I know a lot of people who make up my audience think I’m going to have a set amount of music on the album or I’m going to go have the formula of pop songs and “four-to-the-floor” types of songs. I really just tried to make music this time instead of focusing on a genre. For this project, I wanted to, almost, go back to the first album.
So instead of going with the “business” formula, you wanted to approach it from the heart?
Yes. Definitely. Because that’s what music is: it invokes your emotions. You don’t think logically about a song. You just feel it.
What are your thoughts on the debate about techno-pop dance music versus traditional R&B?
I think the debate is how cornball it is. I’ll be honest, since I’ve been one of the guys subjected to doing it with songs like “Forever” and other songs I’ve done. They were great songs but they’re not the typical dance — if you’re a Black guy — type of songs. You know, things change, though… But with the tech-pop dance sound, it’s cool but I think it’s going to get played out almost how disco did in the ‘70s. I mean, everything has its course, and music is always changing and evolving. So, for the time being, it’s still cool. As far as my music, I’m trying to — not trying to stay away from it, because if a song’s a hit, it’s a hit. But I’m not trying to run towards it or look for it and say, "Give me that BoomBoomBoom." We’ll figure it out as it comes.
You’ve put out six albums in eight years. Do you see yourself taking a hiatus?
Honestly, no. Taking a hiatus allows people to come in and take your spot [laughs]. You take a hiatus when you’ve accomplished your ultimate success. I think my ultimate success is yet to come.
What do you think your ultimate goal is?
One of my goals was to get a Grammy. Then I achieved that. Thank God. The other thing would be — and I know it’s impossible — to get a little more acceptance as far as my music is concerned. I know there are people who love my music. But I want them to listen to my music with a clear mind instead of, um…
Being clouded by…?
What’s in my personal life. I think, now, the music speaks for itself. So hopefully I can achieve that.
Do you find, as time moves forward, that it’s getting easier for people to separate you from the tabloid news and see you for you?
I think with the media and the way the world works now, it’s all Internet driven. So your personal life co-exists with your celebrity. People want to know about you and who you are. They want you to be attainable. With my personal life, I try and incorporate my music with it so if people are looking at a story or following any BS they may be listening to [about me] they can always go back to the record and hear my side of the story or my point of view.


Nollywood DIVA, Genevieve Nnaji shared a photo of her with her oh-so-sweet dog, Prince onInstagram
and viola! its a cute lil dog. isin't it lovely. aww i like*


Dr sid posted the pix on twitter some minuites ago.


OGA O wonders shall never end A 65-year-old man says a young female nurse raped him while he was recovering from a motorcycle accident at a Philadelphia hospital last month.
The man, who has not been identified, said a Temple University Hospital nurse in her 20's entered his room at around 3:30 a.m. on Feb. 27, offered to bathe him and then sexually assaulted him in a bathroom, NBC Philadelphia reported.


Ouch! that hurts but truth hurts anyway “OJB” thinks that Tonto Dikeh still has a long way to go when it comes to music…he says she really needs to learn how to sing…ouch!

In an interview with Tribune, OJB Jezreel when asked his opinion of Tonto Dikeh’s music said “The problem is that she wasn’t listening to the key thing. People did notdownload the song out of love but out of surprise. If she really wants to go into music professionally, she needs to take out her time and learn how to sing.
It’s a lot easier to cross into acting from singing but a lot harder to cross into singing from acting. If after her first single, she got better people to coach and produce her songs, she might not have complained so much but there was no improvement.
As far as I’m concerned, Tonto Dike’s delving into the music industry is a bad idea right now. Her wanting to sing is not bad but her thinking that on the platform of the fact that she is a movie star, so she can sing, is a very bad idea.”


OMG has it come to this? this guy used to be the hottest thing way back in the 90's / early 2000's now to think he now performs in lo
cal bars? jeez!
Like Is it really over for Sisqo? He may not have put out a lot of music in recent memory but there's some artists which are able to pull those things off. too sad


A popular nigerian artiste we gathered is seriously ill



The Pope, in his Easter message delivered yesterday from the central balcony of St. Peter's Basilica, passionately called for peace in Nigeria and other troubled spots in the world even as South Africans used the end of the Christian holy week to pray for their former president, Nelson Mandela’s quick recovery.

He took ill on Wednesday and was rushed to the hospital where he spent his Easter Sunday while receiving treatment for a recurrence of pneumonia.

While the Pope was praying for peace in Nigeria, security agents clashed with gunmen, suspected to be Boko Haram members in Kano during which 14 of the suspected terrorists were killed in the duel.

The Pope lamented the continuous terrorist attacks on Nigeria and prayed that peace should return in earnest to the country where about 4,000 people have been killed since 2009 when Boko Haram began its campaign of terror. 

The Catholic pontiff said: “May unity and stability be restored in Nigeria, where attacks sadly continue, gravely threatening the lives of many innocent people, and where great number of persons, including children, are held hostage by terrorist groups.”

He also mentioned Mali, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and the Central African Republic (CAR) as part of troubled spots in Africa.

He also placed special emphasis on Syria saying: “Dear Syria, how much blood has been shed! And how much suffering must there still be before a political solution is found?”

The Pope’s message which began with a simple "Happy Easter!" also emphasised on humility, saying: "Christ has risen! What a joy it is for me to announce this message... I would like it to go out to every house and every family, especially where the suffering is greatest, in hospitals, in prisons.”

Later in his speech, Pope Francis said: “We ask the risen Jesus, who turns death into life, to change hatred into love, vengeance into forgiveness, war into peace.
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