Monday, 23 February 2015

Fresh out: Meet Francis Attaguba A.K.A "SoftB"

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Guyz pls I want you to meet this freshout dude yea His name is Francis Attaguba (Soft B) a native of Kogi State. This 5 footer is a student of Lagos State Polytechnic currently studying Business Administration.

He's been doing music professionally since 2012 thats like 3 years now.

When asked in a recent interview how where he sees himself he said:
"Aiming at Becoming the next big thing? 

now thats some huge task ahead. So far he has performed in a couple of shows with the tittle of having to perform at the Startimes 10 year Anniversary to his credit.

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He also stated his mentors and those who inspire him in the industry are Ice Prince, Choc Boyz crew, 2face & Chief Ebenezer Obey.

To all the ladies out there that be hoping, well i've got some not too good news for you as he boldly says he's Dating now. 

Think we need to do a full interview with this dude, can I get the "Ayz" if you agree...

Well incase you need to contact this hunk, do so here:

More pics when you continue...

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And peeps don't forget you saw this here first cos I know where he's heading.

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