Sunday, 13 July 2014

So Sad: How UNILAG Student Died in An Auto Crash…

 Read this somewhere and thought to share with you all we all need to be careful especially young gurls God help us all. Read the sad story below...

The deceased is by name Adinde Odinaka Stephanie, a 200L student of English Education department and as well as Amarachi who is in coma and Laura who wasn’t really injured.
The 3 of them are room mates in room 107 at their KOFO hall of residence in UNILAG.
I was informed that, the accident occurred around 1:30 am as a result of an argument between Stephanie and the man who they all went out with, while trying to touch some parts of her body in the car while coming back from the Island where they went to wine and dine.
Stephanie was said to be sitting in the front seat right beside the man who was driving, and she removed the seat-belt in the course of the argument, resisting the man from touching her body.
Stephanie just met the man in front of her hostel yesterday on her way to over night reading. And after few words, she agreed to go out with the man and not without her friends. She went back into the hostel to invite Amarachi and Laura.

Amarachi, Laura and the man are currently under medical attentions in a Lagos hospital.
In as much as we pray for the repose of Stephanie’s soul and God grants those in treatment quick recovery, we really need to be careful not just about the people we follow, but also about drinking and driving late at night. If you are going out especially late at night always ensure the person driving hasn’t had excess liquor at his disposal. Please its not only following strangers, following your friends to could be dangerous, just like in the case of Funmi last year. And above all God is very key in matters of our life.

Stephanie has left her room mates in tears, i can only imagine the river of tears her entire family will shed.
God help us all!!

May the Lord grant her soul a peaceful rest and lay healing hands on the survivals

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