Sunday, 20 July 2014

Rihanna: How She Feels About ChrisBrown & Drake Becoming Friends


Breakups are terrible. Your exes becoming BFFs can be like a nightmare. Rihanna’s living that reality
right now as Chris Brown and Drake hit the studio together and pair up for skits at award shows like
the ESPYs. How does Riri feel about this? “She is not angry,” a source tells
A source spills that Riri is “actually happy” about one aspect of Chris and Drake’s relationship. Read
on for all the shocking details!
Rihanna: Singer Is ‘Not Angry’ About Chris Brown &Drake’s Friendship Rihanna has moved on from both of her relationships — and she’s shockingly not mad about Chris and Drake’s new bromance!
“She is not angry that they are working together,” “She is actually happy she wasn’t made the butt of any jokes or jabs though.”
While Rihanna isn’t angry about their new friendship, we DO know that she had someone watch the 2014 ESPY Awards on her behalf on July 16 to make sure neither of the guys made fun of her!

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