Wednesday, 14 January 2015

The Life Of A Former "Runs" Girl

Wow this is actually the first reader mail id be getting since i started this blog      almost three years ago chai! anywayz its all good sha.

This is from a young woman who is sending a very touchy and inspiring story to all the now young ladies (future mamas) pls read carefully and pick up some advice shine your eyes well o. I'd put it exactly the way she sent it no alteration. 

Take your time and read.....

Dear Cynthia, I just came across your blog sometime last year and have been following consistently since then. I Have something in me that's really burning inside of me and decided to share it with people as they say a problem shared is halved. i'd try and make my sad story brief.

It all started when i got into the higher institution some 15 years ago. I was very young, naive, beautiful and vulnerable. Right from secondary school days, I've always loved showbiz, partying n all, so getting into poly was like i was let loose, at a very tender age of 16, left to stay alone in such environment. In no time I made friends who were 'big gurls', we became the talk of the campus in no time flying our colors everywhere we went. We attended & even organized big bashes on campus.

Life was sweet I was having a blast, so I thought attending classes was on a rare occasion as I felt I was too big to do so. we dated only the biggest guyz(fishes) in town(strictly married men pls. was our slogan) with only one aim - solely for the money, treats, gifts,etc. be it local or tokunbo all the while i was between 16-17yrs.

Ond was over n out of school with no results all carryovers but i couldn't care less. The 'fun' even became worse. we moved to rented apartment in lekki(fake addy )and even had more recruits, where I jamed a tokunbo fish, married with three kids, serviced him for the while he was in Nigeria even traveled back with him before unluckily for me his wife found out. The affair resulted in a pregnancy which i didn't even hesitate to flush as soon as i got back home and so I did with many other pregnancies I had for married men.
I continued living the life twas so interesting little did I know what I was doing.

Eventually got married at 24. Thought I could easily get the pregnancy I had always flushed, now its Six years after going on seven and still no pregnancy not even for once. I know God must be very angry with me now for having flushed about 12 pregnancies ( could be more lost count already).

 Just decided to share my story with you all and especially to young ladies out there who are into this same practice I beg you in the name of God almighty STOP pls its for your own good I know its difficult, but u'd be glad you did in the long run. its not a fairy tale its Real. That's my story so far I pray God turns my story around for good.

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  1. in THE PRINCE VOICE *ON YOUR OWN O* who send u before just pray to God


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