Saturday, 8 November 2014

Big Brother Africa Superstar, Melvin Oduah Goes Half Naked on #DareMeQuestions


So the online platform which dares and ask celebrities, icons, personalities and confident individuals unsual questions interviewed top Lawyer, Femi Falana’s son, Falz(the bahd Guy) recently and it was super 
Recently, The fun loving , rapidly and widely accepted Entertainment platform put Big Brother Africa Superstar, Melvin Oduah on the hot seat ; dared him to go half naked and bare it all for the world to see. (Did he??? Did he??? Did he????) Read interview below:

(This interview began at 10am on Friday, 2nd May 2014 on twitter, between @BossRicky01 and @Melvin0duah)

#DareMeQuestions: It is time!!!!!!!!! Tell us, what are you doing right now
@Melvin0duah – Eating and tweeting

#DareMeQuestions 1. *coughs* What’s that one thing you’d never share with anyone?
@Melvin0duah – My Toothbrush.

#DareMeQuestions 2. What’s the most stressful part of your career/work
@Melvin0duah – Waking up early.

#DareMeQuestions 3. One moment in the BBA house you’d never want to forget so soon
@Melvin0duah – The Charity Week.

#DareMeQuestions 4. If you were offered $20million to pose naked for Vogue Magazine, will you do it?

@Melvin0duah – I’ll reply this one…Only one way to find out! Vogue Magazine should approach me with this proposal first then we’ll take it from there.

#DareMeQuestions 5. (Dare) Which would you prefer – Kindly twit-pic your abs or tell your atm pin and account number.

@Melvin0duah – i’ll twit-pic but not my atm pin taaah! Look what you are making me do! lol! (insert picture with boxer shorts)

#DareMeQuestions 6. If you were in a relationship, for Beyonce or Kim Karadashian, who would you dump your girlfriend for?

@Melvin0duah – None, my girl is my girl. I ain’t dumping her for nobody, but in the case of being single, my radar will definitely be on Kim .
#DareMeQuestions 7. Amongst the guys in BBA House, who do you think saw you as a rival/an obstacle

@Melvin0duah – All of them! Lol
#DareMeQuestions 8. Tell us, one thing you hate about yourself and would like to change
@Melvin0duah – My nose

#DareMeQuestions 9. Tell us a secret? Something you’ve never told anyone?
@Melvin0duah – I have a birth mark on my lap.

#DareMeQuestions 10. Tell us! What project are you working on, give us an exclusive?
@Melvin0duah – It’s still Movies for now.

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